hearty, delicious, tomato-base cabbage soup

Make no mistake -- if you don't like cabbage, you'll still love this soup. It's hard to believe it's a tasty as it is with only a few ingredients.

And don't mistake the quantities laid out here: we're talking huge. This recipe is designed to feed a family and then have ample left over to freeze for more meals. You can cut it back, of course, but larger, long-simmered quantities, seem best for a hearty taste. The original family recipe called for a pressure cooker, but it works well as long as simmered for at least 3 hours.






2 kg extra lean ground beef

3/4 of large cabbage

1 kg carrots

6 litres tomato juice

3 teaspoons celery salt

4 tablespoons minced dried onions



It's not nice unless the cabbage and carrots are sliced extremely fine; i.e.,. shredded, but not pureed. Use a monstrous pot. Brown hamburger stirring constantly till thoroughly cooked. Stir in celery salt and onions when halfway cooked. Add rest of ingredients and simmer gently for several hours.