spiced-up traditional Ontario turkey dressing


This recipe is based on a family recipe. It's basically a simple sage and onion dressing, but a little spicier. Serves 12 very generously including stuffing an 11 kg turkey (and usually some leftover for next day's sandwiches. Always a great hit.




-7 to 8 litres bread cubes (three   loves sliced bread)

-1 litre celery chopped very fine (two   hearts of celery)

-1 kg pork sausage meat

-1½ cups butter

-100 ml minced dried onion



-10 tablespoons poultry seasoning (1   McCormick bottle + 2 Tblsp)

-2 tablespoons sage

-2 tablespoons savoury


Spread sliced bread out to dry for about 10 hours, turning frequently. Cut off crusts and discard. Cut in cubes about 1 cm by 1 cm. Sauté all ingredients except bread in extremely large frying pan, stirring constantly until sausage meat is thoroughly cooked. Add 7 litres bread cubes (save the rest of the cubes to "rescue" soggy dressing if necessary) Mix very well. Stuff turkey with about half the dressing before roasting. Gradually add about one cup of water to the remainder of the dressing. Heat on stovetop and serve when turkey is ready.