October 6    Sao Paulo    

October 8    Avare                     

October 9    Maringa                  

October10  Iguassu Falls


October 12  Posadas

October 13  Pena

Oct 14  Santiago Del Estero

October 15  Cafayate

October 17  Purmamarca

October 18  Jujuy


October 19  Iscayachi

October 20 Potosi

October 21  La Paz


October 22  Puno

October 24  Cusco

October 25 Machu Picchu

October 26  Abancay

October 27  Nazca

October 29  Arequipa


October 30  Arica

October 31  Antofagasta

November 1 Chanaral

November 2 La Serena

November 3 Vina del Mar

November 4  Santiago


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 We Were Promised an Adventure

....... little did we realize what an adventure this trip

would be. We wouldn't want to give everything away, but ...

          Ever wonder about a dollar-a-bed accommodation?

          Do you like riding in mud, sand and gravel?

                                           How many beer can you drink at the end of a long day's ride?




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