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October 26, Abancay, Peru


When we finally found our way out of Cusco, the journey south-west across the Andes to the coast took us through pleasant valleys.







And then up and down through passes in the starkly beautiful mountains.







A well-constructed highway on the whole, it is not quite finished. This bridge in Quebrada Honda (Deep Ravine) over the river Apurímac, is still being worked on.







Beautiful scenery to gaze at while we wait. Tony has expertly replaced the turn signal on Madeleine’s bike—the silvery blue one. Madeleine stitched up the seat bag and bungied on the tank bag. And she tries not to notice the scratches. Madeleine and her bike both carry on—bloodied (well, maybe not), but definitely unbowed.





There’s more scenery where that came from, and Madeleine needs a rest. She wasn’t the only one—but our lips are sealed. After an hour or so wait, we ride through the gravel and water of the construction site. Madeleine is happy she wasn’t the one to land in the water this time. We continue on through mountain passes and valleys.








Brian stops at an overlook and catches Madeleine in his rear view mirror, with Bob close behind her.






The road winds down from the left.








Deep into a valley.







And back up on the right.








All the valley roads zig.







And zag.








Abancay, in its own little valley, is warm and lush.







Hotel de Turistas in Abancay. The hi-tech guy is happily hooked to his lifeline: TV and computers.