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October 15, Cafayate


The roads in Argentina were very good on the whole, but we chose this shortcut so we couldn’t complain,








Mauricio, our head guide, and a local farmer at the market in Simoca, Argentina.










Political poster on the water tower.









Rural Argentina.














Entrance to the market: Thanks for your visit.







































Booths and merchandise of all descriptions.


























































What’s an outdoor market without a barbecue?





























































































This father was so proud of his little offspring.










After this photo was taken, she said, “Oh no, you got me with my mouth open!” (In Spanish of course.) So Brian said, “Don’t worry we can take another one.”










And that made her happy.


















Heading west from Simoca we climbed up the Calchaquí mountain range to the roadside stop called The Indian.























Lunch at the historic town of Tafí del Valle was very beautiful but chilly up at 2000 metres.







It got warmer as we descended into the Calchaquí valley, and the group stopped for a portrait.







But you can’t get a group of motorcyclists to stay still very long. And anyway, the knees in the front row were hurting.








The valley got hotter and drier. 







And the vegetation sparser.







Quite cactus-y in fact. The South American cardón cactus is very similar to the saguaro. 














Where we came from.







Where we’re going.






Cafayate is a tranquil little town in the valley, in a very important wine growing region.







The kids’ hangout.











Typical street in Cafayate.







Get your funeral insurance at The Well-Prepared.






The glass shop.







We had a superb and authentic dinner at the house of the owners of the wine company La Vasija Secreta. Possibly best translated as Private Stock.






Our hosts entertained us with music as well.








The winery’s main building.